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Here are two quotes that we were considering for our invitation. We finally went with the Tagore quote.


Through the cycle of life,

in this world or in others,

wherever you lead me it is you,

the one companion of my endless life

who will ever link my heart

with bonds of joy to the undiscovered.



May all the learned persons connect both our hearts
May all the divine powers and all the cosmic fluids unite both our minds
May our union stays bonded in intention, thought, and purpose
May our thorough union be the same in our prayers and worships 

–Rig Veda


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Design inspiration

Paper designs can provide color and theme inspiration for the wedding. Check out the site.  


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Invitations provide guests the first impression of your big day. They set the tone and can create anticipation for the wedding. My fiance and I looked into printing options in the US and India. We have decided to go with a vendor in the US because of our time frame and the flexibility we are looking for. Here are some learnings and resources we found along the way. 


An art piece

I have decided to have 3 inserts for the invitation. The first insert is a peacock art piece with a quote from the Rig Veda. The second is the wedding and reception invite and the third is the reply postcard. We decided to have an art insert to set the mood for the invitation and leave people with a takeaway that they could actually keep and display in their home.


Types of printing



This printing technique creates indentation in the paper to create an elegant finish. This is the most expensive of the printing techniques. 


This printing technique creates indentation in the paper to create an elegant finish. This is the second most expensive of the printing techniques. 


This printing technique creates texture by lifting the ink above the surface of the paper. This is a great affordable option and has an elegant feel to it. 


This has a modern feel to it and is very affordable. There is no texture in the printing technique, but you can pick a textured paper. 


Vendors in US

Check out invitations in person. You will learn so much more. There is only so much online scouting you can do. Take a look at these vendors, some are retailers and some are printing sources. 






Paper Source




Crane & Co.




Wedding Paper Divas




Dauphine Press




White Aisle




William Arthur



Vendors in India

There were a few vendors in India we looked at. After looking at a few the patterns and styles started repeating themselves. The design aesthetic didn’t match what we were looking for. Nonetheless, there are some pretty cool traditional options. 


Parekh Cards




Regal Cards




Preeti Cards


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