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A wedding at home

Traditionally Indian weddings were done at home, hosted at the bride’s house. I remember going to India for my uncle’s wedding. The baraat arrived at my aunt’s house. The reception was first, then the wedding. We stayed up till the wee hours of the night watching all the rituals and having some fun of our own! 


For our wedding, my fiance and I wanted to evoke that spirit of coming to a home. Instead of opting for a hotel, we picked a home in Northwest Houston. It is such a beautiful home!!! As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to get married there. I could imagine all the parts of the wedding. The baraat will make its way up the driveway. They will arrive at the fountain in front of the gate. The bridesmaids will be up on the balcony making fun of Navin and dropping flowers on the baraat…reminds me of a cute scene from a Bollywood movie. After everyone enters there are two winding staircases and they’ll make their way to the wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids and I will make our way to the mandap and Navin will be waiting there! The ceilings are very high and there is a balcony above so people can even watch from there.


The colors and decor inside really complement Indian colors–there are natural orange tones and rustic chandeliers. I have included some pictures below. The venue is called Chateau Polonez



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