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Setting a date for an indian wedding is not as easy as you think. You have to take into account the bride and groom’s schedule, the parents, the grandparents, and of course the priests.

Indian wedding dates are determined by panchangs. These are calendars that priests determine typically a year in advance. Often there are different panchangs for different parts of India. I am from North India and my fiancee is from South India–we have two different panchangs to match up. North India panchangs usually use some combination of sun and moon alignment while South India panchangs are dominated by the sun’s alignment.

In addition to these considerations, you have to keep in mind family blackout dates. Families can have days of the week when no auspicious events can happen because of some prior unfortunate event, like a death in the family. In our case, my fiancee is an Iyengar and Iyengars can’t do anything auspicious on a Saturday. So we had to opt for a Friday or Sunday wedding.

Make sure you watch out for the mahurat, which is the time of day auspicious events are to take place. Some events like the sindoordaan or the saatpadi have to be completed by a certain time. Sometimes the priests will give you a generous slot of a few hours, other times it can be a matter of minutes!

Setting a date can be the most frustrating part of the wedding planning process, but once it’s set, you’re golden! And because you’ve gone through the motions, all generations of the family are happy!

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