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Natural, Green, Simple




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I love themes, especially event themes. I wrote an earlier blog about what is a theme and how you can come up with one, and here I will be building on that original post. Weddings themes can be classsified by 2 questions–Is it playful or elegant? Is it minimalist or elaborate?

Indian weddings are particularly tough because there isn’t always a creative way to add a modern twist to the event. What I have included below is 5 Indian wedding themes that reinterpret traditonal weddings across India. I have created an inspiration board for each and will be sharing each of them over the next few weeks. 


Fun, Natural, Casual


Jaipur Riches

Regal, Heritage, Colorful


Kerala Lush

Natural, Green, Simple


Mela Fun

Colorful, Loud, Playful


Kailash Purity

Serene, Simple, Devout


Each theme has implications on the following…












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Indian weddings take up several days. What are the events and how do you pick what to wear? Here are my wedding week events…

Haldi Puja

This event involves putting turmeric paste on the bride’s face, arms, and legs. For this messy ritual, wear something comfortable. I was thinking about wearing a red chiffon sari with minimal embroidery to kick off the wedding rituals. Bandhini can look really great for this event. Don’t spend too much money here because the outfit will definitely get stained. 

Mendhi Party

The bride and other women gather around with music and food and put henna on their hands and feet. This is also a messy ritual so you don’t want to go overboard. A sari or a churidar kurta could look really cute for this event. I haven’t decided what I am going to wear for this event. I am leaning towards a sari because it’s easier to pull up when Im getting henna put on my feet. 

Sangeet Party

A close group of friends get together for singing and dancing performances and speeches poking fun at the bride and groom. For this event a lehenga is great or wear a sari like a lehenga. Keep it festive and fun! 

Jai Mal 

For the garland exchange I want a regal look. I was thinking of wearing a sari with a separate dupatta over my head. My fiance is going to wear a sherwani. 


For the actual wedding rituals, I am going to change into something more simple. This outfit needs to come from the groom’s side. I was thinking of wearing a mustard yellow sari with a prominent border. I will be wearing it in the Madishar style. This is the traditional Iyengar style. 


This is a fun party with a lot of dancing! I wanted to wear something flowy and modern. At one point I was thinking of wearing a Marchesa dress, but I think my family wants me to stick with Indian clothes. The cool thing about saris is you can drape them in so many interesting ways. I think I will stick with a sari, but just drape it in a unique way. 

Post Wedding Brunch

The brunch is when the two families eat plain rice for the first time. It symbolizes the union of two families. I want to wear a traditional sari for this day, but I’m not sure the material or color.

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An inspiration board helps you view your ideas in one place. It shows you how the pieces works together and can help the theme bubble up to the top.

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Every great event has an underlying theme–something that ties together the different details. A theme can be a color, fruit, flowers, animals, time in history, or a country. Picking a theme can create anxiety, but once it’s chosen all the other decisions fall into place.


Pick a theme

To choose a theme, try a variety of exercises.

1. Talk to your fiancee about things that are meaningful in your relationship or interests you both share

2. Create a list of words that gets you excited and see of there are                 any patterns

3. Rip out images from magazines that get you excited


Interpret your theme

A theme influences the flowers, food, cloth, mandap design, bridesmaids dresses, bridal dress, centerpieces, guest favors, and groom’s car. It is important to have your theme show through in these elements but also not be so overstated that the event looks tacky. For example, if you pick a peacock theme, don’t do everything in peacocks–colors, bouquets, centerpieces. Leave something up to the imagination. And pick other design elements that complement the peacock.   


Peacocks, Damask, and Rajasthan

My fiancee and I started by exploring several different themes–water, indian temples, autumn, rustic country, indoor garden. We have arrived at a combination of elements to create a warm, rich, and modern indian wedding experience– the elements are peacocks, damask, and rajasthan. Peacocks are elegant signature pieces that bring green into our color palette. Rajasthan, a region in India, brings adobe orange hues into our palette and a regalness to our decor and clothing embroidery. Damask is the modernizing element that helps reinterpret traditional Indian designs.

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Timed out

Wedding planning can seem overwhelming. There are so many parts and pieces to take care of and details to consider. As you are planning out you’re wedding, whether you have 6 months or over a year, put together a plan. I am a project manager so I loveee planning! I have put together some key milestones for Indian weddings. This is the plan that I’m using for our wedding. I have modified the list provided by Real Simple Weddings.


9-12 months

__   Gather event inspiration

__   Outline a budget

__   Select the bridesmaids

__   Create a draft of the guestlist

__   Determine the priest

__   Determine the wedding date and time

__   Book the venue

__   Have a blast at the engagement party


6-9 months

__   Select photographer and videographer

__   Select entertainment

__   Determine the caterer

__   Book a mandap designer/florist

__   Purchase key bridal outfits

__   Book a block of rooms for guests

__   Set up a registry

__   Launch a wedding website

__   Go to India for custom dress, jewelry, bridesmaid saris, favors

__   Book the Sangeet/Mehndi venue

__   Select and purchase invitations


4-6 months

__   Send first round of invitations

__   Start planning honeymoon

__   Hire a judge

__   Confirm the ceremony rituals with the parents and priest

__   Arrange transportation for wedding events

__   Create a day-of timeline


4 months

__   Send second round of invitations

__   Select and order the cake

__   Schedule hair and makeup artists

__   Choose songs for intro, wedding, dinner, dancing

__   Talk to family/friends doing dances, speeches, slideshow

__   Do a dress fitting


3 months

__   Finalize the menu and the flowers

__   Order favors for the guests

__   Make a list of people giving toasts

__   Print programs

__   Finalize the order and program details of the wedding and reception

__   Purchase rings

__   Send event schedule to vendors


2 months

__   Meet with the photographer to discuss shots and visit the location

__   Sit down with deejay and review the playlist

__   Submit a newspaper wedding announcement

__   Live it up at the bachelorette party

__   Enter RSVPs into guest database

__   Get a facial


1 month

__   Assign table seating

__   Do a final dress fitting

__   Confirm times for hair and makeup

__   Get hair cut and colored


Week of wedding

__   Reconfirm arrival times with vendors

__   Supply photographer with a list of moments

__   Delegate small wedding day tasks

__   Identify point people for the vendors

__   Send final guest count to caterer

__   Pack for the honeymoon

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