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I was thinking about this design for the Sangeet. I love sarees because you can re-purpose them for so many things and they won’t get stuffed in a closet after the wedding. I like the thick border…it reminds me of a Manish Malhotra sari I like.

Here’s the design for one of my outfits…I love the maroon and gold!


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There is a vendor in the Bay Area, Reveti Pearls Inc. that has beautiful precious jewelry–Victorian, Kundan, Indian Heritagejewelry. They do shows and family style viewings of their collections. Definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately, they do not have an online presence or a shopfront that you can visit–however the staff is really friendly. A woman named Nandini helped me out. I would call and contact them.

Sorry I couldn’t find any pics online, but the pieces are beautiful, I checked them out at a recent showing.


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Images from http://photogallery.indiatimes.com/articlelist/2371408.cms

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Check out images from these Bridal Asia shows. http://photogallery.indiatimes.com/articlelist/2371408.cms

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Check out these movies for clothing and jewelry inspiration. 


Jodha Akhbar




Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam


Laaga Chunari Mein Daag



Umrao Jaan

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Influential art

Here is some Indian art that gets me excited. Use it as inspiration for themes, invitations or even clothing. 

Madhubani Paintings



Contemporary Art



MF Hussain


Neeta Lulla

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Indian weddings take up several days. What are the events and how do you pick what to wear? Here are my wedding week events…

Haldi Puja

This event involves putting turmeric paste on the bride’s face, arms, and legs. For this messy ritual, wear something comfortable. I was thinking about wearing a red chiffon sari with minimal embroidery to kick off the wedding rituals. Bandhini can look really great for this event. Don’t spend too much money here because the outfit will definitely get stained. 

Mendhi Party

The bride and other women gather around with music and food and put henna on their hands and feet. This is also a messy ritual so you don’t want to go overboard. A sari or a churidar kurta could look really cute for this event. I haven’t decided what I am going to wear for this event. I am leaning towards a sari because it’s easier to pull up when Im getting henna put on my feet. 

Sangeet Party

A close group of friends get together for singing and dancing performances and speeches poking fun at the bride and groom. For this event a lehenga is great or wear a sari like a lehenga. Keep it festive and fun! 

Jai Mal 

For the garland exchange I want a regal look. I was thinking of wearing a sari with a separate dupatta over my head. My fiance is going to wear a sherwani. 


For the actual wedding rituals, I am going to change into something more simple. This outfit needs to come from the groom’s side. I was thinking of wearing a mustard yellow sari with a prominent border. I will be wearing it in the Madishar style. This is the traditional Iyengar style. 


This is a fun party with a lot of dancing! I wanted to wear something flowy and modern. At one point I was thinking of wearing a Marchesa dress, but I think my family wants me to stick with Indian clothes. The cool thing about saris is you can drape them in so many interesting ways. I think I will stick with a sari, but just drape it in a unique way. 

Post Wedding Brunch

The brunch is when the two families eat plain rice for the first time. It symbolizes the union of two families. I want to wear a traditional sari for this day, but I’m not sure the material or color.

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