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check out Embellishmint

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Cool idea to get the guests talking. It’s helpful for guests to see how they are connected.



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A mandap is a wedding altar. It is where the most important wedding rights occur. In the past, the mandap was made out of bamboo from the bride’s village, and now it is made out of PVC pipes, cloth and flowers. Your decorator should handle the following for the wedding day:

– Mandap

– Aisle

– Welcome Table

– Centerpieces

– Garlands

– Car Decor

I have been talking to a  a few vendors in the Houston area and I wanted to share some of their work. We are still trying to decide on our vendor.



Mandap Creations

They are a great group of people and have excellent reviews online. I met with them this past weekend and I really like their selection. They have a range of columns to choose from, high-quality cloth, and statues and accessories to set the stage. They are very open and honest.


Nu Trend

This decorator is not very organized, but if you are very explicit with them, they do a good job. My cousin and a family friend used Nu Trend and their weddings were beautiful. They offer a great price, but you might have to take on a little more stress.

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Lilies and Hydrangeas

I love fresh flowers! We are still interviewing the designers for our Mandap, Centerpieces and General Decor, but I wanted to share one of my ideas.

I want to do a short centerpiece to avoid blocking the line of sight between guests. I was thinking of using a base of green hydrangeas and orange lilies and a tapered candle in the center to add warm candelight. I haven’t prototyped this yet, but I think it will look warm and summery. Here is an image of the orange lilies I want:


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Damask Design

I really like this one!


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Influential art

Here is some Indian art that gets me excited. Use it as inspiration for themes, invitations or even clothing. 

Madhubani Paintings



Contemporary Art



MF Hussain


Neeta Lulla

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