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A Cinderella Indian outfit. 


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Check out this blog. It covers Indian fashion and has posts relevant to weddings! 


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Lilies and Hydrangeas

I love fresh flowers! We are still interviewing the designers for our Mandap, Centerpieces and General Decor, but I wanted to share one of my ideas.

I want to do a short centerpiece to avoid blocking the line of sight between guests. I was thinking of using a base of green hydrangeas and orange lilies and a tapered candle in the center to add warm candelight. I haven’t prototyped this yet, but I think it will look warm and summery. Here is an image of the orange lilies I want:


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Check out this site. It has a lot of detailed info about traditonal indian weddings.


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Sabya and more




Images from http://photogallery.indiatimes.com/articlelist/2371408.cms

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Here are two quotes that we were considering for our invitation. We finally went with the Tagore quote.


Through the cycle of life,

in this world or in others,

wherever you lead me it is you,

the one companion of my endless life

who will ever link my heart

with bonds of joy to the undiscovered.



May all the learned persons connect both our hearts
May all the divine powers and all the cosmic fluids unite both our minds
May our union stays bonded in intention, thought, and purpose
May our thorough union be the same in our prayers and worships 

–Rig Veda

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Natural, Green, Simple



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